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Training & Workshops

  • Storytelling to enhance sales and marketing

  • Storytelling to inspire and motivate your workforce

  • Storytelling to attract new recruits

  • Storytelling to promote learning in your workforce

  • Storytelling to get buy-in for change

  • Storytelling for non-profits

Business storytelling skills workshops

  • Presenting skills to enhance sales and marketing

  • Presenting skills to get buy-in for change

  • Data presenting skills

  • Virtual presenting skills

  • Presenting skills for graduates

  • Presenting skills for analysts

  • Presenting skills for IT workers

  • Presenting skills for speakers of English as a second language

Presenting skills workshops

  • Communication skills to enhance customer service

  • Communication skills to create positive working environments

  • Communication skills for managers

  • Virtual communication skills

  • Communication skills for hybrid working

Communication skills workshops

  • Negotiation skills for managers

  • Negotiation skills to solve workplace problems

  • Negotiation skills for engineers and scientists

  • Negotiation skills for graduates

Negotiation skills workshops

  • Influencing skills to enhance sales 

  • Influencing skills to get buy-in for change

  • Influencing skills for managers

  • Influencing skills for graduates

Influencing skills workshops

  • Mindfulness to increase resilience

  • Mindfulness to handle challenging situations calmly

  • Meditation for clarity of thought and strength of spirit

  • Yoga for a healthy mind and body

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga

  • Email skills to improve customer service

  • Business writing skills for the modern workplace

  • Instant messaging skills

  • Business writing skills for speakers of English as a second language

Business  writing skills workshops

  • Social media skills to enhance sales and marketing

  • Social media skills to increase staff engagement

  • Social media skills to attract new staff

  • Social media skills for non-profit organisations

Social media skills workshops

Are you looking to develop your virtual training or facilitation skills? In these experiential modules you will create virtual learning experiences that meet your learning goals. You will design interactive virtual activities and develop virtual classroom management skills.

Virtual training skills

If you're looking for a quick insight into a skill, our virtual workshops can run as Octobites, single 90-minute modules. Or, if you'd like to go into more depth, you can take a series of 90-minute modules. You can even mix and match modules from different skill suites to create a customised learning solution. We can deliver this training over a half-day, full-day or spaced weekly events.

Are we missing something you need? Contact us and we will create customized training for you.

Our blended approach

We believe that learning should be social, spaced and in the flow of work. Every  virtual module includes preparation activities, a virtual workshop and a follow-up online course.


We start by creating an online learning hub for the participants on Google Classroom. Here they can find out what to expect, discuss their goals,  and build rapport. They will find online clips to watch and articles to read, helping them to prepare at their own pace and convenience.

Virtual workshop

Studies show that people learn best by discussing new ideas with peers, working together on tasks and giving and receiving feedback. Learning together increases enjoyment, motivation and team spirit. We have designed interactive virtual workshops to tap into these benefits.

Zoom’s breakout room function allows us to create the right balance of pair work, group work and whole class activities. This enables us to create virtual learning experiences as interactive, engaging and memorable as the best face-to-face workshops.

Follow up online course

For every module we have created a follow up online course using Adobe Articulate 360. This helps learners consolidate what they have learned in the first two stages. Learners can do our online courses on computers, tablets or phones.


Imagine a workforce overflowing with powerful presenters, engaging storytellers and skilled negotiators.

Imagine a workplace where everyone communicated with clarity, empathy and purpose.

Imagine being able to learn with colleagues from different offices, cities and countries.

Small group or one-to-one performance clinics

Follow up these modules with performance clinics to help you apply what you have learned to your work. Or, take these modules one-to-one to meet your specific learning needs.

We believe that our instructor-led virtual training is as impactful, engaging and social as face-to-face training.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. Let us show you in a live demonstration.

Let our trainers guide you through an activity from a workshop of your choice. Take the opportunity to ask us about our methodologies. Quiz us on our experience. And most importantly, tell us how we can help you.

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